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When you’re dealing with missing, broken, or severely damaged teeth, your confidence can suffer. More importantly, these issues take a toll on your health. You deserve better. Talk to us about dental implant restorations.

At Beech Dental, our implant restorations arelong lasting and made from the highest-quality biocompatible materials.  In addition to standard dental implants, we also offer denture-retained implants and mini implants, too. We’ll help you understand your options and which treatment plan is right for you.

Eliminating guesswork with 3D imaging technology

Thanks to CBCT 3D imaging, Dr.  x can visualise exactly what’s going on in your mouth and create a treatment plan personalized to your needs. Our investment in advanced technology allows us to deliver efficient care and long-lasting dental implant results.

Completing your dental implant

The finishing touch of a dental implant procedure is the restoration. At Beech Dental, we offer all-encompassing, custom-tailored solutions. Complete your smile with an expertly crafted crowndental bridge, or denture. Together, we’ll compare options and choose a solution that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

We’re dedicated to providing the very best dental implant process.

  1. We work together with you to carefully outline every step of your treatment so you know exactly what to expect.

  2. Using 3D imaging technology, we’ll visualise your bone condition and ensure proper implant placement.

  3. Your implant will be given ample time to heal — as much as you need!

  4. A few months later, we’ll create and bond your final restoration in place.

  5. We’ll help you understand how to properly care for and maintain your implant and a healthy smile.


From start to finish, your comfort is top-of-mind, and it shows! Dr. x and our entire team pull from their years of experience and training to place your dental implant restoration with the utmost care and precision.

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Here at Beech Dental we are committed to providing a relaxed and comforting environment and working with you towards good oral health. Our team regularly update their skills and knowledge, so you can be sure you are receiving the latest advice and services.  We will recommend services, treatment plans, and options designed to keep your teeth and smile looking fabulous for years to come.

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