Dental Bridge

For missing or decayed teeth, your dentist may recommend a dental bridge. A bridge is one (or more) artificial teeth, held in place with dental crowns or abutments. These crowns are cemented to the teeth either side of the missing tooth.

Bridges can improve your overall appearance and bite. Closing, or bridging, the gap also eliminates the chance of the remaining teeth moving into the gap.

There are a number of different bridges available, and your dentist will discuss these options with you, recommending the most suitable one for your situation.

Preparation of the tooth or teeth either side includes removing a portion the enamel to allow room for the crown to be fitted or shaving the tooth to cement the wings. After your bridge has been fabricated by a dental technician and the teeth have been prepared, it can be comfortably fitted.

A dental bridge can last for more than ten years if cared for correctly, including daily cleaning under the artificial teeth. Your dentist or hygienist can show you the proper technique for cleaning your bridge.

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